Cup of Sunshine

Health does not simply refer to physical health. Wellbeing encompasses mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health as well. They are all interconnected. An emotional wound can manifest as a physical illness or ailment. I believe spiritual, mental, and emotional health should come before physical health. They are the foundation for your wellbeing and without them, life will appear unnecessarily difficult.

A couple months ago I did something totally embarrassing. I posted a video onto my Snapchat story complaining about running out of gas on the side of the highway. By the time I realized I had just wasted ten seconds releasing negativity into the universe, too many people had already seen it. I then proceeded to go on an apology rant; explaining how ridiculous it was of me to spend ten seconds complaining about something so minuscule. I remembered how deeply blessed I am to even own a car! People questioned why I would even apologize rather than just deleting the initial snapchat, but I learned something from that day and I hoped others would learn something from my realization as well.

Happiness is something that does not happen because we get the right job or we find the right partner. Happiness is something we have to create ourself. Cultivating a positive mindset begins with altering your perspective. Whenever seemingly negative situations occur, whether big or small, I have to first recognize I am having a negative thought. Then, I change my perspective to see the good in the situation. This universe was created in love. There is no way that ultimately everything that happens occurs for the benefit of you and the world. So often we are too quick to complain about anything and everything, but is that really the energy we want to be releasing into the Universe? You definitely receive what you put out. Having a positive outlook encourages positive things to happen for you.

I have witnessed the rebirth of the movement toward love and positivity. It is such a beautiful mindset that I wish everyone to cultivate. However, I have noticed in others and myself the suppression of negativity and calling that positivity. There are some things in life you can not simply suppress in the hopes of maintaining a positive headspace. It is ok to not be ok, but it is not ok to stay in that place. It is not bad to have negative emotions. It is only bad if you let those negative emotions consume you. When negative emotions arise, accept it for what it is. Feel the emotion and then release it. We have the power to change our life by simply altering our outlook. When unexplainable things occur that seemingly have no benefit, give it time and remain aware of your thinking. Do not let your thoughts dwell in the past, but stay in the moment and soon you will realize the positive outweighs the negative.

Cultivating a positive mindset has been the most beneficial decision I have ever made. It is a daily choice to be happy. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are extensive.



All love,

Amy Shortt

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