Expect Miracles. Accept Miracles.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my grandma is my absolute best friend. She is an extraordinary woman who has been a huge positive influence in my life. She got married when she was 16. 10 months later, she gave birth to my mom. So, when I found out I was pregnant at 17 my grandma completely understood my situation. Yes, there were differences, but the general public’s response to our circumstance was the same. During my pregnancy, I would go over to her house so often just to soak up all the wisdom I could from my absolutely splendid grandma.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my best friend. Over coffee and macarons we began to discuss the joys of having a child at a young age. We laughed about the assumptions and stereotypes society throws upon young mothers versus the reality of our situations. Honee told me that there is nothing in life holding you back except for yourself. She said, “If you are open to receive good, the Universe will respond to that. Expect miracles. Accept miracles.”

This really made me think how often we limit ourselves out of fear. We will adamantly defend our weaknesses, but why? Is that really the stance we want to take? I could claim I am incapable of doing this or that because I had a kid at a young age, but having a child isn’t holding me back–I am holding me back!

We avoid the things that scare us simply because we fear the unknown, but being uncomfortable is good for that’s where the growth and magic happens. Our life situation does not define us. We are not limited by anything except for ourselves. If you open yourself up and allow the workings of the Universe move through you, amazing things happen!

We deny ourselves and the world so much just because we are scared of how people may respond. Fear is boring. Taking on the identity of your life situation is boring. We are not victims to our circumstances unless we choose to be. We are in control of our lives. We have the power to make our life everything we want it to be. Release fear. Release anxiety. Be receptive to what your heart and soul are calling you to do and chase that will all that you are. You may not end up where you expect, but you will land exactly where you are supposed to. The Universe is funny like that!



All love,

Amy Shortt


2 thoughts on “Expect Miracles. Accept Miracles.”

  1. Yup! That’s our Honee!! It is so often said “when an old person passes away, a library burns down!” These very special and seasoned individuals have seen and been through a tremendous amount of life and they deserve our respect and listening ear. We could certainly avoid a ton of pitfalls if we would just swallow some pride.

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