I Wanted to Be a Teen Mom

A couple friends and I were talking about the beauty in the fluidity of life. We talked about how everything has a reaction that takes us exactly where we need to go. We are always moving in a unified direction ultimately ending in love. It made me think about how we are always given what we need. Our life situation is divinely planned and that to me is so comforting. Not only are our circumstances planned, but they are also exactly what we have been opening ourselves up to receive. From the outside, becoming pregnant at such a young age may seem like a negative situation, but it is precisely what I had been asking for.

I grew up in a Christian home and attended a Christian school. I understood and agreed with the teachings, but it seemed like everyone around me had some wild story of how they became a Christian. I never wanted to just adopt my family’s beliefs. I knew I needed to own my faith. I wanted one of those late night, fall to me knees in tears, see a bright light, transcendental kind of moments so, I prayed every night for something to solidify my faith. In October of 2015, I got exactly what I had been praying for.

Everything in my life changed at once when I discovered I was pregnant. My world was spinning out of control. I knew I would not be able to handle this on my own. I knew my faith had to be my constant while everything else was changing. I prayed every day for courage and every day I got a little bit stronger. I never would have been able to handle that circumstance if it were not for my faith. Being pregnant was everything I had been praying for and everything I had been opening my self up to experience.

Everything happens for a reason. We hear that all the time, but it never became truly real to me until I was pregnant. Suddenly everything made sense. I understood why all I had experienced up to that point had happened. I understood everything I was intended to learn from those circumstances. Now, looking back on being pregnant I understand why that had to have happened. It led me to where I am now; knowing everything I know. The things I have learned thus far are the tools I will need in my next steps of life. Such is the case with everyone. Everything that occurs is intended for you. In fact, you might even have been consciously or subconsciously attracting whatever it is you are receiving. Our unique paths are designed perfectly for us. The beauty in the fluidity of life is you can trust whatever occurs is the best possible thing that could have occurred in that moment; teaching you and propelling you toward the next best possible circumstance.


All love,

Amy Shortt


Thanks to Laurel Michelle Photography for the beautiful image! @thelaurelreef

9 thoughts on “I Wanted to Be a Teen Mom”

  1. Strength, courage, and an open heart will take you to wonderous places my dear. Believing in learning and growth and installing that into your beliefs, allowing that to be strengthened by your faith- it’s admirable.

    You are young, but nevertheless you have this sort of readiness to tackle what is in your way. Keep using it!

    You are kind, caring, and smart; all qualities that help define a good person and a hard of mother.

    Keep it up love, and remember. When you are facing a trial, know that it is okay to take one day at a time. You have friends, loved ones, and even strangers (I suppose that’s me!) that admire you and wish all the best for you and Mathew.


    1. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to encourage me! I am so thankful for your love and support you beautiful soul!

  2. I recently stumbled across your blog, and as someone who grew up in a similar setting to yourself, I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me. Your courage and complete trust in God, especially when your life was suddenly redirected, are two things that I admire and hope to develop more fully in myself. Thank you for standing as a model of faith for me right now; this is exactly what I needed.

  3. This is so well captured. Almost made me pause and think about my existence. So much depth and emotion to it. Love every thought you have penned.

    Keep posting !

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