Our Human Obligation

I have always been a creative person. I grew up painting, writing my own books, and dressing up my little sister. Only recently have I learned the true value in creativity. Everyone is creative in some form. Artistry is not limited to the painters, calligraphers, and sculptors. Creativity can be expressed in something as simple as making a smoothie bowl.

I believe creativity is not only our power as humans, but also our obligation. Creativity is the vessel through which we expose our true selves and there is nothing more rewarding than being authentic. I believe creativity to be one of the simplest forms of self love. By creating, you are exposing your heart, mind, and soul. You owe this to yourself and the world.

Sharing your art is terrifying but also, one of the most beneficial things you can do. Sharing your art says “Here is my heart. Here is my soul. Tell me you feel the same.” Being authentic allows us and others to truly accept who we are rather than the crisp version of ourselves we know the world will accept. Allowing yourself to express the real thoughts and emotions through art breaks down barriers and makes it possible to truly connect with one another. We are all humans. We all have the same wants and needs.

Inspiration is not coincidental. Everything happens for a reason and this includes some of the thoughts we have. The thing about inspiration is–if you don’t follow it, it will leave you and find someone else who will. Inspiration should always be treated with respect. The thoughts, passions, and dreams we have are all indicative of our life path. It’s just a matter of honoring creativity and inspiration while simultaneously putting in the time and effort they deserve. When we follow inspiration we are not creating with our minds, but rather we are creating with our souls.

Expressing your creativity in what ever forms suits you is not only your power, but your obligation. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable by showcasing your heart and soul through your art is immensely valuable. It allows you to have genuine relationships. Everyone has something to offer this world and creativity is the means to express that in a way that anyone can understand.


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