The Magic of Inspiration

When you tap into the creativity that is innate in each one of us, you are opening yourself up to receive more and more inspiration. Inspiration is never coincidental. We get inspired to do certain things because they are intended for us. Maybe it will not produce the outcome we expect it to, but it always teaches us something valuable we will need to know for our next project. The thing about inspiration is, it’s not very patient. If you do not run with it, it will leave you and inspire someone else.

I was driving to pick up my little sister from school one day. The idea of creating a website suddenly popped into my head. I immediately started smiling. When something makes you as excited as I was at the thought of creating a website, you have to listen. I didn’t know why I became inspired to do such a thing, but I didn’t need to. I ran with it and here we are!

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to help people through my words. Creating a website was the ideal way for me to create a space that is fully my own with the intention of sharing the lessons I have learned. All I really wanted out of sharing my heart and soul through my words was to connect with people outside of my community. Recently, I have had a number of people contact me and inform they really resonate with my writing. That to me is a success.

Being inspired isn’t about being the best. Following inspiration is about being intune with your heart. Inspiration can be big and it can be small, but every time you are inspired it is meant for YOU. Inspiration is otherworldly. It is something which must be treated with respect, knowing that what you create when you are inspired is hardly your own work, but rather the work of your soul. It is our power to create and inspiration is the means through which we are able to do so. Art is a reflection of the soul. Allowing inspiration to expose your soul is really what it’s all about.

Stop. Slow down. Be inspired.


All love,

Amy Shortt

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