What I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self

Similarly to most people, my high school experience was less than untroubled. I remember feeling a perpetual weight on my chest. I let my insecurities control me. I missed out on so much because of them. I would stay home or remain quiet before I chose to go to events or be social. I blamed my negative high school experience on anyone and anything for the longest time, but the truth is, my mental and emotional situation in high school is no ones’ fault except my own.

High school is a confusing time for a lot of people. You have pressure and demands on you from every direction and along with that, you are trying to figure out who you are and what you want out of life. Everyone has insecurities and those seem to be heightened in high school. People are growing and changing and it’s just WEIRD! High school doesn’t have to be the stereotypical challenging experience we are told it is. Here are some things I wish I had known when I was in high school:

1.  You are in control of your emotions. I wish I had known my happiness can never be found in other people or things. Everyone is responsible for their own emotions. When you allow what other people say or think about you effect you, you are giving them your power. No one can hurt or offend you without your permission. You can’t control what people say or think about you, but you can control how you react. Your response to others is your only responsibility.

2. Be self aware. I was not self aware at all in high school. I knew I wasn’t happy, but I           didn’t know at the deepest level why. It’s rewarding to be self aware because it teaches you about yourself. You learn not only about your thoughts, emotions, and actions, but most importantly, why you think, feel, or act a certain way. Being self aware reveals who you are on the innermost level. When you are conscious of your heart and soul, you know your truth. When you know your truth, nothing anyone says or thinks about you that isn’t true can hurt you. Others can only hurt you when there is already hurt within you. If you are self aware, you can recognize the hurt within you and show it love in order to heal it.

3.  Love and respect yourself! Everyone should always be showing themselves love and respect, but especially in high school. You teach others how to treat you. If you don’t love and respect yourself, others won’t either.  It’s so easy not to love yourself when all you see are your flaws, but it’s your quirks that make you unique. Spend alone time doing the things that make you happy. If you don’t love spending time with you, no one else will either. You are so beautiful and worthy of love. When you give yourself the love you crave, you give it to others and in return you receive love. No one’s love except yours can fulfill you though. You create your own love and happiness. Everything you seek is already inside of you.



All love,

Amy Shortt

4 thoughts on “What I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self”

  1. This is very relatable, in High school (even jr high), I was always worried about how others saw of me. I wanted them to fit in, be cool, and like any other high school kid.. impress girls. I was so caught up im trying to become this person who wasn’t me. It started to effect me mentally and physically. Grades started dropping, Isolated myself from others (even family) always stressed, bad eating habits, etc.. If I could go back in time and tell myself I shouldn’t let others opinions make me who I am, I think I’d be a better person today.

    1. Every experience, good or bad, is intended to teach us something. All you can do is take the lessons you have learned and use them to help you grow. Every day is a new chance to be who you want to be. 🙂

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