20 Holiday Traditions

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m absolutely obsessed with the holiday season. I’ve been in love with this time of year since I was super little! I love the overwhelming sense of love, joy, and magic in the air. I love spending time with my family and all of the ways we celebrate this time of year to make it even more special. Today, I’m sharing old and somewhat new holiday traditions to inspire you, make you laugh, and spread the magic of the season! 

  1. Picking out and decorating the Christmas tree
  2. Playing Christmas music nonstop throughout the house
  3. Baking and decorating cookies
  4. Wrapping presents together
  5. Doing a sibling secret Santa swap
  6. Watching Christmas movies as a family (The Polar Express is my favorite!
  7. My grandma reads from the Gospel of Luke before we dive into our Christmas Eve dinner every year
  8. Throwing a big Christmas Eve party for all of our friends and family
  9. Opening up ONE present on Christmas Eve
  10. Leaving out cookies and milk for Santa
  11. Devising a plan of exactly how we were going to sneak down on Christmas Eve to check out the present situation. (I was always the one being too loud and riding new bikes down the hallways at three in the morning)
  12. Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning
  13. What’s Christmas morning without tamales?
  14. Drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows in our Christmas mugs ALL Christmas morning
  15. Tearing into presents on Christmas morning (When my siblings and I were younger, we would tear into presents all at once. It would be so loud from all of the shrieks of excitement and the room was always COVERED in ripped wrapping paper!) 
  16. Picking out a charity to either donate time, gifts, or money to as a family
  17. Wearing matching Christmas pajamas
  18. Driving around to look at Christmas lights (On Christmas Eve my sisters and I will drive around looking at Christmas lights, BLASTING the Justin Bieber Christmas album, YELLING when we pass up an exceptionally lit up house, and dancing in the streets!)
  19. Giving presents to everyone who delivers our mail, picks up our recycling, etc. to make sure they know we appreciate them!
  20. My grandma taking my siblings and I to see The Nutcracker every year followed by dinner and a carriage ride down the main street covered in Christmas lights


//What are your family holiday traditions?// Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “20 Holiday Traditions

  1. Thanks for sharing these traditions! We implemented a few in our family this year (opening one present and looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve).

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