5 Essential Tips for Packing a Suitcase

If you’re anything like me, you are notoriously known as a horrible packer. I used to always procrastinate packing until the morning of departure which of course resulted in me overpacking and forgetting essential items! This past year I have had the opportunity to travel a lot which has definitely improved my packing skills. While preparing for my trip to New York, I realized I think I finally have perfected the art of packing thanks to these five essential tips! 

1.  Start Early

When I was leaving for France I made the mistake of trying to do laundry the day I left Austin. As you can imagine, I was scrambling all day trying to get everything packed and when I arrived in Nice some of my clothes were still wet. Ew! I definitely learned from that experience and now I always make sure I have my laundry done at least 3 days before I leave. I like to start packing at least a day or two before I leave so that I can pack with a clear head rather than being anxious and throwing all of my clothes into a suitcase to make it to the airport on time

2.  Make a Packing List

I used to always keep a list of things I needed to bring with me stored in my head which with my memory always lead me to forget things. I’ve learned now that writing everything I need from clothes, to accessories, toiletries, and even items for my carry on is the only way I can ensure I have all of my essential items with me. Once I have it packed I can check it off my list, (which is so satisfying), and fly with a peace of mind knowing I did not forget a thing!

3.  Think about Where You Are Going

When deciding what clothes to bring with you it is essential to know everything about where you are going. I always look up the weather for the days I will be there so that I can properly prepare. I also like to think about what I will be doing while I am there. If I am going to be walking a lot, I make sure I have comfy shoes to wear and lots of layers to put on or take off as the temperature changes throughout the day. I also like to match the vibe of my outfit to the vibe of the city I am visiting so I will often look up street style photos beforehand to inspire me when picking out pieces from my own closet. 

4.  Pick a Color Scheme

I use to always pack at least two or three bags with me when traveling and my excuse was because I didn’t know what I would want to wear on the specific days I was there so I was giving myself options. If you’re like me and you don’t like to plan your outfits for each day because your outfits depend on your daily mood, then pick a color scheme for the pieces you are taking so you can easily mix and match. For my trip to New York my color scheme is black, white, brown, and pink. I am taking all neutral colors with me so it is even easier for me to mix and match while I am there rather than already having each outfit planned out. 

5.  Wear Your Biggest Items on the Plane

To make sure I have enough room in my suitcase for everything I need I will figure out what my largest pieces are and wear those on the airplane. So, for New York I already know my biggest pieces are going to be my denim jacket, boots, and a hat so I am incorporating those pieces into my airport attire to save room in my suitcase. Another great tip when trying to make the most out of your suitcase space is to roll your clothes; especially your denim! 

Bon Voyage!



//What are your packing tips?// Let me know in the comments below! 


4 thoughts on “5 Essential Tips for Packing a Suitcase

  1. Those are some really helpful tips Amy and things I’ve never thought of before such as checking out the city vibes ahead of time. Brilliant!! Now I’ve got he travel bug!!

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