7 Ways To Start a Fit Lifestyle

I think what stops a lot of people from beginning their fitness journey is fear. The fear of how long it might take to reach their goals. The fear of embarrassing themselves. The fear of change and uncertainty. It can be a pretty daunting journey, but it doesn’t have to be. The most rewarding things in life are on the other side of discomfort. You will always remain the same unless you decide today that you want to change and commit to it. Here are my digestible tips for leading a more fit lifestyle.

  1. Start Small

I think when embarking on any new journey it’s so important to take baby steps. If you have lived a relatively sedentary life up until this point, deciding that all of a sudden you want to run a marathon tomorrow will be nearly impossible because you simply don’t have the training. You’re body is not conditioned to that kind of movement in any way. Starting with small actions will also allow your journey to become a sustainable lifestyle change rather than temporary changes that fizzle out as your motivation does. I would recommend incorporating small every day changes like taking the stairs rather than the elevator, walking to the coffee shop or work, or maybe even doing ten squats every time you go to the restroom just to get your body warmed up to activities to come!

2. Have Goals

Having a very clear vision of WHY you want to make this lifestyle change is essential for ensuring the longevity of these changes. Maybe for you it is staying strong so you can keep up with kids or grandkids or maybe it’s to better your mental health. Simply having a big goal will keep you motivated enough to push through when things get tough! I always say that your “why” has to be bigger than any of the obstacles you will face. I also personally do not think there is anything wrong with wanting to in realistic ways change your body as long as your main focus is based around feeling better and more confident!

3. Get a Cute Workout Outfit

It may sound ridiculous, but omg does it ever make a difference! I’m a big believer in “look good. feel good” and this most certainly includes working out as well! Any time I have a cute workout outfit on or I treat myself to new pieces I am at least 10x more motivated to get moving! Good quality activewear at a reasonable price is really difficult to find these days, but recently I discovered Joy Lab at Target and it is seriously the best! They have such cute pieces, the quality is amazing, and the price is so affordable! The material of their leggings and sports bras is thick so it holds you in and doesn’t stretch, and breathable! If you need some cute new activewear then check out Joy Lab because it is 100% my favorite!

4. Try New Things 

It is so much easier to stay active when you are doing things you love. If you don’t like running–don’f force yourself to do it! Especially in the beginning I think it is crucial to try out as many different workouts as possible from zumba, HITT, yoga, weightlifting, spin classes, etc. Whatever is going to get you up and moving! A fit lifestyle shouldn’t make you miserable! If you want this to last, you should be doing activities you genuinely enjoy so that you always look forward to it!

5. Focus on Nutrition

Good nutrition is honestly the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Obviously you have to treat yourself here and there, but if your diet consists of donuts, fried food, and milkshakes constantly–your workout is not going to be nearly as effective! Being mindful of what you are putting in your body will not only make you feel better mentally and physically, but it will expedite your results from your workouts! When you’re feeding your body fresh veggies and fruits, whole foods, and the right amount of protein you will see so much more progress and feel so much better!

6. Make a Bomb Playlist

I don’t know about you, but music significantly can impact my mood! The right song can pump me up enough to give that final push during a workout! I highly recommend taking the time to figure out what songs motivate you the most and putting them all in a playlist! This will not only make your workouts so much more fun, but will also encourage you to give it your all! The key is to ONLY play this playlist when you are working out so you don’t get tired of the songs!

7. Do it For YOU

At the end of the day, the most important thing when embarking on a fitness journey is to do it for you and only you. You’re not doing pilates to look good for your partner. You’re not running to fit some societal standard of beauty. You’re not at the gym to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend. You’re there to put in the work. Make sure you are showing up for yourself and remember that this journey is about making yourself mentally and physically stronger and helping you feel more confident. Do not let anyone or anything else cloud your own personal fitness journey.


//What are your best tips for starting new fit lifestyle changes?// Let me know in the comments below!

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