How To Build The Future You Want–My November Goals

I am a firm believer in being very clear about what you want in life. At least once a month I like to sit down with a journal and be totally honest with myself about habits that have been working for me and the habits that are no longer serving me. Our future can be boiled down to our daily habits so, I like to make sure mine are leading me toward the place I imagine for myself.  I think one of the most effective methods to turn your dreams into reality is by setting goals that can be broken down to feasible tasks you can accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

I thought to inspire you I would share some of the goals I have set for myself for the month of November. My goals range from personal to professional as well as daily to weekly so that every thing is set out for me in a very clean and organized manner. When I set out to accomplish things in this way, I find I am way more likely to accomplish them because there is no excuse for why I didn’t complete the task and checking that box off my to do list is just so satisfying!

  1. Daily Goals

I am currently studying both Fashion and Interior Design so it is important to me that I dedicate at least 1 hour every day to either program. By doing so, I am taking a little step each day toward building the career I want. 

Another daily practice I am looking to improve this month is at least 30 minutes each day of reading. I use to read nonstop when I was younger–as in I would finish a full book in just one day. Lately, I have not been reading nearly as much as I use to and I miss it! I love filling my brain with interesting stories, autobiographies, or just new information to chew on! If you are interested in hearing about what I am currently reading and/or some of my all time favorite books, let me know in the comments!

While improving myself is one of my top priorities, making sure I am bettering my relationships is equally important to me. So, every day I want to spend at least 30 minutes playing with Matthew with zero distractions from any sort of technology. I will also do one kind thing for at least one friend each day whether that be sending an encouraging text, writing a note, buying flowers, etc.

2. Weekly Goals

There are big things changing on this month. One of my favorite things that is happening is I finally have a schedule! I will be posting twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday so you can now expect a new post at 10:30am on those days! This way I am obligated to have two posts ready every week. This not only makes me feel more productive, but also ensures my website is one of my top priorities every week.

Lately I have been feeling like I have 48 hours worth of stuff to get done and only 24 hours in the day to complete it all. There have been countless days that working out is just not as important to me as other tasks I need to get done so, I have skipped day after day of exercising. In order to ensure I am still working out despite all of the other things I need to get done, I am making it a goal to work out at least three times a week–Mondays, Wednesdays, and at least one weekend day. When I plan out my week day by day, it is easy to spread out my priorities and make sure everything I need and want to get done happens so that at the end of each day I can fall asleep with a peace of mind.

My boyfriend and I made an agreement months ago that we would go on at least one date every week. I definitely want to continue that into November, but that has inspired me to extend it to my other relationships. This month, at least once a week, I will dedicate time to visit a friend, spend time with a relative, or take Matthew on a mommy and son date!

All of our goals can be turned into our reality if we only break it down into little tasks that we can accomplish over the days, weeks, and months. With 2018 coming to an end faster than I can even believe, I think now is a good time to evaluate where we are and begin taking massive action toward the life we want to be living instead of waiting for the New Year. I challenge you to take note of your daily habits and evaluate if they are helping you reach your goals. My favorite volleyball coach when I was younger always told us, “It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish”. Let’s end 2018 on a foot we are proud of!




//What are your goals for the month of November?// Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “How To Build The Future You Want–My November Goals

  1. Goals definitely produce results — maybe not the ones you want immediately, but if you’re disciplined with them, you’ll go further than you ever though t possible!

    1. I completely agree! I always think it’s important to have some sort of direction! It rarely leads you where you thought, but it’s always an adventure!

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