Life Hacks: How to Save Money

I am a big saver. I also love a good shopping spree, but I’ve always been fairly conscious of my spending. I really owe this to my parents who taught me at a young age to put any birthday or Christmas money I received into a savings account. To this day, I put in as much of my paycheck into savings as possible.

I think saving money is important because life can be pretty interesting sometimes and you never know when you might need to repair a car, spot a friend at lunch when they forget their wallet, or treat yourself and buy that ring you’ve been eyeing. It’s better to be in control of your money instead of being constantly stressed about funds and the difference between the two comes down to YOU.

  1. Make a Monthly Budget

I’m sure this is fairly obvious and yet so many people still don’t do it! They most likely don’t want to do it because it’s tedious, but sometimes you just have to eat that spinach! You have to choose your hard. Would you rather spend an hour of your time planning out your budget or spend every day stressing if you’ll have enough money for this or that?

The good thing is they have tons of apps now that help you make a budget. You figure out your monthly income, plan out all of your monthly expenses like rent, water bill, groceries, etc, and don’t be afraid to set aside some of your budget for coffee dates or a cute new shirt! My biggest tip is to add a certain amount you want to put into savings each month to your budget and whatever is left over at the end of the month–put that into savings too!

2. Don’t be impulsive

I will be the first to admit that I can be a little bit of an impulsive shopper. I’ll take that shirt, these jeans, this jacket, and oh I’ve never tried these cookies before let’s see if they’re good! The easiest way to save money is to not spend it. So, when it comes to shopping be extremely mindful of your purchases. I avoid clothing stores all together now unless I have something that I truly NEED and when it comes to grocery shopping, I make a list and I stick to it so, I don’t end up grabbing every little snack that looks yummy.

Really think through your purchases first. Do you absolutely need it? Do you really love it? Are you going to use it everyday? If your answer to any of those is less than a “Heck YES!”–put it back!

3. Make it at Home!

I love the whole experience of going to a coffee shop or the convenience of ordering in lunch while you’re at work, but when you’re doing that consistently, it’s pretty appalling how much money we can spend on those things! You don’t have to stop these things all together, but packing your lunch for work during the week and then eating out maybe once or twice over the weekend is a super easy way to save money!

I also plan how much money I can spend on coffee during the month as well. I assume I’ll probably grab a cup of coffee with a friend at least twice and maybe have to stop through The Coffee Bean drive-thru once because who doesn’t need some caffeine while running errands? Even when I go out to the coffee shop with a friend I usually order just a drip coffee because it’s always the cheapest coffee on the menu and some places even offer free refills! HEYO! You can plan for these outings in your budget and it even makes it way more special when you do get to go out for coffee, juice, dessert, or a meal!

4. Get Creative with Date Night

Date night doesn’t always have to be an extravagant dinner and the newest restaurant. That’s great every once in a while, but sometimes just going for a walk, or cooking at home together, or even just planning a movie night at home is just as romantic! You’ll both save money over time and forcing yourself to get creative with date nights keeps everything interesting as well as maintaining the focus on the relationship and not the cost of the experience.

Bonus tips!

  • Buy used books, cars, etc.
  • Avoid Subscriptions!
  • Find free entertainment whether it be youtube videos, museums, festivals, etc!


//What are your tips for saving money?// Let me know in the comments below!

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