The Power of Gratitude

I can not believe Thanksgiving is this week! I have no idea how 2018 is flying by so quickly, but the holiday season is easily my favorite time of year! I love the colder weather, sense of community, and the overwhelming cloud of joy that comes with this season. 

When I was younger, I never cared for Thanksgiving that much. I always just saw it as an obstacle I had to get over in order to make it to Christmas. Over the years, I began to appreciate Thanksgiving more and more , but I think this Thanksgiving is the first year I truly feel the gravity of what it means to be grateful. I believe gratitude is the answer to everything. You got pregnant unexpectedly at 17?–Be grateful! Your car broke down?–Be grateful! A relationship didn’t work out?–Be grateful!

I believe life is happening for us and not to us. This way of thinking allows me to be receptive to any challenges I may face because I know they are happening for my benefit and growth. Having a grateful heart is a true superpower. It means when life throws challenges our way, we see them as growth opportunities because we know they are in our best interest. Through the good and bad, having a grateful perspective allows you to show up in your life from a place of abundance which only encourages even more miracles to come your way. 

I can honestly say throughout all of the good and hard times of 2018 so far, I am immensely grateful. All of the good times helped me emanate joy and truly appreciate the moment and the challenges taught me and only made me stronger. Gratitude is the root of happiness and ever since I made the intention of cultivating a grateful heart I have felt so at peace knowing everything is always for me benefit. 

I am so excited to spend this Thanksgiving with my loved ones and of course eat amazing food, share funny stories, but most importantly, relish in the warm sense of love, family, and of course gratitude for everything this world has blessed me with. 


//What are you grateful for?// Let me know in the comments below and let’s get some positive energy flowing!!!

One thought on “The Power of Gratitude

  1. My amazing, wonderful and messy family!! Nothing has grown me or tested me more and I will be forever grateful for the beautiful lessons that have been bestowed upon me!!

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