Tips To Save Money During the Holidays

When it comes to buying gifts, I tend to go a little overboard. I have a habit of buying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for EVERYONE! I’ve recently been trying to save money for mine and Matthew’s future and although it’s tough during the holidays for me to stick to my budget, I’ve developed some rules that help me do just that! 

  1. Make a List 

I’m pretty sure this is my number one tip for a lot of things because it just makes it so simple and comprehensive to see exactly what needs to get done on paper. For the holiday season, I write out each person I want to get presents for and then I write out what I want to get them. This not only ensures I don’t forget people and present ideas, but it also encourages me to JUST STICK TO THE LIST! lol

2. Set a Budget 

This one is pretty difficult for me especially when it comes to shopping for Matthew because I’ll see so many toys that I know would make him so happy, but my wallet will not be too happy. So, I set a reasonable budget for the gifts I need to get overall that won’t break my bank. Then, I decide from that number how much I want to spend on each person. Once again, the trick here is to actually stick to the budget and a great way to do this is only use cash and once the cash is gone–you’re done!!

3. Opt for Homemade/Sentimental Gifts

I’m a very sentimental person. I will take a super thoughtful gift over an expensive one any day! A great way to give gifts your loved ones will love that won’t hurt your wallet is gifting something homemade! Pinterest has tons of amazing ideas for DIY gifts that I love from candles, to cute gift baskets, homemade vanilla extract, and soaps! When it comes to sentimental gifts, I love to print out pictures and frame them for parents or my significant other. Sometimes the act of taking the time to make a gift or putting more thought into something means more than any new fancy gadget! 

4. Give the Gift of Time

It is so easy to get caught up in the consumerism of the holiday season, but sometimes the best gift you can give a loved one is quality time. No matter what you celebrate, remembering the reason of the season and enjoying all of the holiday parties and time with your family is always more rewarding than giving the perfect gift. They won’t always remember the gift you gave, but they will always remember the memories of being together over the holidays. 

I hope these tips help keep you and your wallet happy this holiday season!


//What are your tips for saving money during the holidays?// Let me know in the comments below so we can all save a little more moolah! 

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